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21st Annual Lawn Program March 19, 2023 (11am-6pm)

Palestinian entertainment, music & Dabka performance - Vendors - Our famous Falafel - Fresh Knafe - Henna - Arts & crafts

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Welcome to the House of Palestine!  Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will also visit our house in Balboa Park in person.

We are very proud of the dedication and hard work and financial support our volunteers and community put in for over 20 years that took us from a simple dream to the reality of successfully building our house among the International Cottages in Balboa Park.

The evolution that started with selling Palestinian falafel sandwiches and Mujadara to a full menu of Palestinian food items, from one Dabkeh performance to a complete cultural program of music, dance, poetry, a fashion show, and with supportive vendors to an entire day-long festival, from only having a temporary tent to a permanent physical house.

We are committed to promoting the rich culture and history of Palestine and its people and want you, your family, and your friends to share it proudly.

Please enjoy a few of the highlights from throughout the years that went into making the dream a reality. Feel free to click on every tab and explore our rich culture. We enriched the site with many pictures and videos and created a museum of our heritage.