Our House…

It was in the summer of 2002 that a group of committed volunteers formed what is today known as The House of Palestine in Balboa Park, San Diego, California.

We submitted an application to the House of Pacific
Relations which included the names of our newly-formed Board of Directors and our newly-written by-laws. During that probationary year, we participated in various events at the Park in order to showcase our culture and demonstrate our commitment and solidarity as an organization that was here to stay.

It was in September of 2003 that the House of Palestine was officially recognized and accepted into the international “cottages” under the umbrella of the House of Pacific Relations.

While the House of Palestine now stands in our hearts and not yet in a concrete structure, volunteers display our heritage at the Hall of Nations on designated Sundays from noon to 4:00 p.m. Guests can view displayed arts and crafts, read informational literature, view videotapes about Palestinian heritage, sample foods, and ask questions.

With the help of generous donations, this year will see an end to this decade-long practice of packing and unpacking our treasured artifacts on only a few occasions per year. Going forward, we will be able to showcase our proud culture and heritage in a permanent structure from which we will display our honored traditions on a continuous basis, in perpetuity!

For additional information, please visit the House of Pacific Relations website here