For years, local volunteers have dedicated their weekends and free time to get us in a position to begin building a permanent home for the House of Palestine in San Diego’s world famous Balboa Park.

For more than ten years, we have been seeking approval from various governmental agencies for the grant of land for the construction of the House of Palestine cottage. Several committed HOP members have volunteered countless hours as part of a steering committee of nine cottages, all of which seek to begin construction simultaneously in Winter, 2015.

This year has been remarkable in seeing our dream come true, with preliminary approval from important agencies including the Balboa Park Committee, the Historical Board, the City Parks and Recreation Department, as well as the City Planning Commission.

Now that all of the approvals are in place and the design drawings are nearly complete, contracts can be executed as soon as we hit our fundraising goal.

The House of Palestine is finally within our grasp! Very soon, and with the help of generous donors like you, we will all see the Palestinian flag fly high above Balboa Park for generations to come.

Our groundbreaking ceremony, led by Mayor Faulconer, took place during December 2016. Since then, the HOP, along with the eight other “houses” that make up the New International Cottages Committee [NICC], suffered a series of setbacks, such as the inability of some of the other members to obtain the necessary construction funds and the City’s imposition of additional requirements in order for it to issue an “Entry Permit” to begin construction. We are elated to inform you that after countless hours of meetings and contract negotiations, we finally attained the all-important “Entry Permit” to begin construction. Additionally, the nine members of NICC have selected a contractor who meets the City’s stringent require- ments and we are able to begin construction in June 2019!


We’ve never given up, and this year, finally, the fruit of our labor will be realized!