Membership Committee

The membership committee reaches out to the community and the Palestinian culture advocates and works to facilitate becoming a member of the House of Palestine

The Committee works with the community to make sure their membership experience is smooth and satisfying

Cultural/Program Committee

At the cultural/program committee we craft programs that showcase the originality of the Palestinian culture

Our events are full of everything Palestine. We strive at the cultural/program committee to make sure it is the case


Volunteer Committee

Our volunteers are what make everything possible with all their hard work, dedication and love for Palestine

The volunteer committee goes above and beyond to facilitate the work of our volunteers and make their volunteering experience a memorable one

Education Committee

Palestine is the history, culture, food, heritage all mixed together to give a unique place and people

The education committee goes out of their way to create an interactive learning experience about Palestine


Food Committee

The food committee is our crown jewel. This is where creativity comes in place where majic happens: This committee sends you in a trip to Palestine through one bite of Falafel, mixed with some Hummus. They make sure you get the desert too, the good-old Knafeh

Web Design Committee

The web design committees try their best to create relevant content that sparks your interest and takes you brielfy into the joyful atmosphere of the House of Palestine.

Let us know how much you like this website as an example 🙂


Graphic Design/Illustration

Palestine is a place full of colors and beauty. Our graphic design/illustration team derives from that and creates a sample of Palestine

House Manager

Our house manager works behind the scenes to make sure everything is running fine at the House of Palestine. Visit our house and see for yourself